Dunkirk – review

-DUNKIRK- a success?

After months of waiting where the first trailer was released on the last months of 2016, Dunkirk finally arrived to big screen. The expectations were growing with every trailer. Last time I saw Mark Rylance he was holding his first Oscar for his role as Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in the movie, Bridge of Spies. Also, Harry Style, part of the boy band One Direction, is making his major debut. Another aspect that makes Dunkirk grows with expectations is the fact of advertisings. Here in New York City, Dunkirk is having one of the most expensive and over the place advertising.

Dunkirk – Trailer 1

Saturday night means movie night. Dunkirk starts during a war where the British’s army of 400,000 soldiers is trapped on the northern coast of France during World War II, where their only mission is to evacuate the battle field. Stock in Dunkirk’s beach the British’s army is doing their best to finally go home. But, there are not enough ships. The sea and the beach are being bombed, home seems to be a dream far to become real.

image via Wikipedia.

The movie takes place in the air, water, and ground. While the soldiers are making the impossible be possible to escape. Help is on their way by sea as form of ships to rescue those that still in Dunkirk beach. But, the real battle is taking place in the air. German planes are destroying all the ships and hopes of the British army.

The movie is well made. The picture, scenography, and the places the choose are a highly. However, the script on the cast is poor. There isn’t not a background story about the war nor the characters. There isn’t a line to connect. Harry Style has not a hook script. However, Style takes a well amount of screen time.

To see the whole cast.

The best scenes are during the frustrating efforts Tom Hardy do to take down German’s planes. All these scenes without a heroic speech of relief is a major failed. However, Rylance plays a role of a skilled veteran of war… which is a wasted of opportunities. His role could be a major impact on the story. The kid who died, the French rescued, the other kid, Tom Glynn-Carney, are just roles that will be forget. All because the fact that they don't have a epic moment.

Tom Hardy as Farrier. Image via YouTube.

Throughout the whole movie, Dunkirk doesn’t show a single German but just their planes. Where were the army that wanted to kill all British’s soldiers? A major question people after the movie asked.

The isn’t a big impact with music, but the sound effects of the bullets. The movie is made in a IMAX format to bring the best of the air battle, but around the world there a just couple IMAX screens. What’s a disadvantage for the movie.