Blade Runner 2049

“Die for the right cause is the most human thing we can do”

Blade Runner 2049 – Official Trailer

This week another colossal movie arrives to the public. Blade Runner 2049 is monster sci-fi of this year. As ambitious the first Blade Runner, this sequel doesn’t asks for nothing to the original. With Denis Villeneuve in charge as director, who last year shows us his skills on the sci-fi field with the mind blowing Arrival, Ryan Gosling and the original blade runner, Harrison Ford, the movie leaves a huge impact this year.

The Birth scene.

Blade Runner 2049 is the second part of Blade Runner, where the officer K (Ryan Gosling) is in charge to hunter all the replicants that are hidden from the law. But when K finds an old replicant, K discovers a secret that could change everything into chaos. His discovery leads him to an old blade runner, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), who disappeared 30 years ago to hide the dangerous secret.

Ryan Gosling and Ana de Armas on set.

Blade Runner 2049’s story is one of the most complete so far. The music, the scripts, the cast, all very well developed. Denis Villeneuve knows how develop every single person who takes part where he’s taking direction. Jared Leto’s characters never disappoint. Ana de Armas portrays Joi, aside with Gosling give a soft and peaceful energy to the film. However, the strongest duo are Ford and Gosling, where these two make a dynamic duo that engage you through the story and so on. The level of chemistry on every scene they share is over the top.

Blade Runner 2049 will be around for some time. Why? Because the sci-fi’s level the movie manage is fantastic. It may not become a classic as the first movie, but one thing is concrete: Blade Runner 2049 is one the best movie of the year. However, the movie is 2 hours and 40 minutes long (fact that may affect or even scared the public, for me I wish it could be longer), besides the time, Blade Runner 2049 surprises the whole public.


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Battle of the Sexes

“You do the tennis. I do the smocking”

This week Battle of the Sexes arrived to the public. With complete no expectations about the movie I went ahead. “What could Emma Stone and Steve Carell bring to the table?” I thought. Battle of the Sexes brings a true story to whole public. Full of chemistry from the cast and a passionate secret, Battle of the Sexes is a enjoyable experience.

Battle of the Sexes – Official Trailer

The historical Battle of the Sexes happened during the 1973 year, where Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) finally became the most successful woman tennis’ player. But, when King found out about the difference between man and woman payment, she decided to do something. While she battled to make woman been treated as equal in the field, she started to develop her sexuality as a secret. Also, the ex tennis player, Boddy Riggs (Steve Carell), challenged Kings to a tennis match, a battle of sexes.


Battle of the Sexes is one of the best comedies of the year all because the cast. Stone and Carell serve an unusual duo but don’t let this fact fool you. Stone takes risks I wanted to see since long time ago! Those lesbian scenes are well appreciated. Marilyn (Andra Riseborough) and Larry King (Austin Stowell) form a kind of a painful but lovely situation which I couldn’t move myself. The veteran, Steve Carell gives us another great job. Pure comedy and hilariousness as only Carell could portray. Another bright highly in the movie is Gladys Heldman (Sarah Silverman), who is just another big character as Stone and Carell.

All supporting roles helps the direction to serve a real story you need to watch to understand how the Feminism movement started in the U.S.

The direction is in charge by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who without no much efforts made this monumental comedy.



In the last moment of life, would you give your heart?

*Mother! is NOT a horror film*

Mother! came out weeks ago and I was not able to watch it. Yet, my expectations didn’t die by the waiting. This week I finally made it! After watch the film, Mother! got me debating with myself. About the deep message and the movie itself.

Mother! Oficial trailer

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem on set. Image via YouTube.

Mother! portrays the story of a poet (Javiel Bardem) who is struggling to find inspiration one more time to be able to write again. Together with his wife, Veronica (Jennifer Lawrence), are living in a just for two paradise. But, everything change when Veronica is not longer a inspiration to her poet. The paradise is not more perfect and Veronica starts to see her husband needs: a poet needs inspiration, but a witness that recognizes his work.

Bardem and Lawrence serve an actuation not mediocre but well too normal. At some points on the film I found myself asking me if that was really happening. Which is a good habit for thrillers and as far as the movie is that’s what Aronofsky wants. The Go-pro close-up style gives a easy way to connect with the public. However, Mother! is not a movie for everyone because the high rawness the movie presents (this wasn’t a problem for me but I saw around myself how young adults and middle adults covered their face). Mother! plays with psychology and a deep understanding for nature. While the poet plays more with a psychology, Veronica is more careful with nature.

Image via

Mother! is directed and written by Darren Aronofsky who chose one more time to play with our psychology. However, this time was not successful as Black Swan did. The problem? The random scenes fully of rawness. Also, the poor and childish efforts the cast portrayed. Mother! is just the miss landing thriller of the year.



-Finding love in the wrong place-

Woodpeckers arrives as a powerful Caribbean freeze. This week Woodpeckers make it finally appearance into showtime in the United States. As far as the director José María Cabral believes, Woodpeckers is a huge contestant as foreign movie this year at the Oscars. The film portrays true events that happens in a Dominican Rep.’s prison.

Carpinteros official trailer.

Image via YouTube.

Do you had ever listen ‘We Found Love” by Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris? I guess you had. Well, the firm portrays the story of Julian (Jean Johnny), which is sent to prison after committed a crime, and his challenge to live another day in jail. However, the prisons isn’t a place you may want to go and specially if a prison from a poor country and highly overcrowded. In the challenge to survive Julian meets a fellow prisoner, Manaury (Ramon Emilio Candelario), knowing that Manaury has some power in the prison Julian do some favor in exchange of sending message to Manaury’s girlfriend Yanelly (Yudith Rodriguez) through “woodpecking” (a hand-sign language).

Jean Johnny and Yudith Rodriguez on set. Image via Listín Diario.

The film doesn’t have a huge production behind but is not needed because the cast delivers an amazing job. Woodpeckers have young actors doing their work with passion for what they love. Develop the kind of scene they serve throughout the whole film isn’t something that is well seen Dominican Rep. but their courage to present its just amazing.

Ramon Emilio Candelario (right) on set with Jean (left). Image via

Cabral as the director and writer could made Woodpeckers come together without lose the Dominican folklore.


Good Time – review

“Have you ever love?”

This week I decide to go and watch Good Time. A movie I didn’t knew about and I even didn’t watch any trailer. I just chose it. The movie starts really really slow. It was hard to understand what was the story behind the two brothers. And for my surprise Robert Pattison was part of the cast. This was the first movie I watched where Pattison takes part.

Link to see the official trailer

Pattinson portraying the older Nikas. Image via

The story is about two brothers that want to escape from the city of New York to leave their past and their ghosts behind. In a failed of bank-robbery the younger brother which has metal issues is sent to jail. Now the older brother will do the impossible to take his bother back all because he loves him. However, the older Nikas will find it hard to take his brother


Image via YouTube.

Most part of the story is developed over just a night. Seeing Pattison changing from a black to platinum hair while escape from the police to almost making it out with a 16 years-old was kind of a slow process. The direction is part of brothers Ben Safdie (which also portrays the younger Nikas on the movie) and Josh Safdie.

They made the movie looks like on of those early 90s movie that are still presented on tv after midnight. The movie and the story looks cheap and a little predicable but it can also surprises you the most. However, the directors decided to let the music do the work. Which was not a smart move.


Logan Lucky

Family vs Money and a Curse

What would you think about an unemployed and lame man, and one-hand man, a beautiful southern woman, a convicted man, and a heavy southern accent. Well, the director Steven Soderbergh mixed all them to create a summer movie you don’t wanna miss.

Logan Lucky – Official Trailer

The movie opens with the sweetest scene of the year: a dad and his daughter spending quality time. While the father tells his daughter about his favorite song, the daughter is helping his to fix an old car. The Logan family have a long time with bad luck. From divorce, to lose a hand, to never get married. The Logan family is cursed and they want to change their curse to a lucky sunrise with a master plan.

The Logan bothers on set. Image via

The cast, the script, the soundtrack are all perfect. Channing Tatum is playing the main character, where he delivers a decent performance. The ex- James Bond, Daniel Craig as supporting actor. Craig is taking major risk here. A role we I haven’t seen from him. Which is highly relevant throughout the the movie. Also, Adam Driver who is coming from his last work in Paterson. From Paterson to Logan Lucky the transformation is huge and well applauded. Riley Keough is another member of the Logan family. The four characters deliver a fun but very small acting. Help by the rest of the cast Logan Lucky is a sweet-southern candy.

Daniel Craig. Image via

Part of the cast has already worked together. Seems like the directors are paying attention at the time to choose the cast. Also, another aspect Soderbergh as the director is made is the magnificent twist hi gives to the master plan at the end. Soderbergh knows how to play with emotions. The major highlight of the movie is the West Virginia song at pageant. A mind blowed scene.


Beatriz at Dinner

"Destroy life is easy, but maintain it…"

The film Beatriz at Dinner is a magic trip. What the director Miguel Arteta makes is a one way trip into place where you realize life itself. Arteta previous works are not as ambitious as Beatriz at Dinner is. Starting from what is serve for dinner you will end very satisfied.

Beatriz at Dinner – Official Trailer

Beatriz is a lonely woman that loves life not matter what form. Beatriz is a message therapist based on Los Angeles. She loves her work and loves to heal people.
Beatriz works in a hospital but also has clients outside her office. This time, Beatriz goes to the house of a deal client. The client is hosting a dinner party where Beatriz will take part. However, a guest is all the opposite of what Beatriz is and believes. The dinner will make Beatriz’s feelings go wild.

Image via YouTube.

The movie is a plane and simple meal. However, the work delivered from the cast is as hilarious as breathe-taking. Salma Hayer plays the main character Beatriz. Biggest moment in the film: Salma Hayer can sing! John Lithgow is the “bad” guy. The trans-parents Jay Duplass and Amy Landecker are working together. Also, two actors part of American Horror Story, Connie Britton and Chloë Sevigny. Part of the cast already had work before, and the chemistry is a proving fact.

The dark humor in the film is deliciously serve for all. Duplass and Landecker coming from a comedy (Transparent) that touch all types of comedy make all the ingredients cook to the point where you can enjoy it even do it’s dark comedy and a little soul-taste.

Image via IMDb.

Hayer’s character fits her well, however, I want to see her taking risks.