Looks are over me.
Do I shine? Am I trophy?
I’m in the middle of a hungry world.
We all have hunger for what we can’t have.
My self-determination played me wrong this time.
Everything I do is making me shine.
I blame me.
Yesterday I used to be a dark grey. Now I am covered of bright colors.
When did I became a piece of gold?
I blame you.
Through my veins run holy water or it’s simple blood, I wonder…
I blame all you!
Red warm blood just like yours.
I have been fighting the way I look myself. Now my self-encouragement is making me battle one more war. This time against all the looks that are over me.
Fight for my own gold. For my own colors.
Just to calm my hunger that is also yours.


Don’t Listen It. Don’t Hurt You.

Life goes fast! The sound outside is loud. But, the peace inside of me, which is part of me, is bigger. I can’t feel a thing but the hear sounds. Words are on my mind but I can’t just say a thing. Do you know the feeling of try to speak your mind, to scream what’s inside of you, but you just can’t? Anger and frustration are taking over my peace. Day after day the sound outside is louder and louder and its vibration is shaking me.

I used to love it and when I felt lonely I dance to it, but now is just bothering. Noise. Just noise. Can’t stop it from coming inside me.

It’s getting dark outside and my mind is getting frozen as the time pass through me. I still can’t figure out why I can’t talk. On my mind there is another hard feeling but I can’t tell what is its name. It’s a really bad feeling. Loneliness? Fear? Revenge? Shame? I don’t know… all I know is that it’s watching over me.

Life is still going and I can’t still speak. My peace is getting darker. The light inside me is moving far away from me. I can’t reach. I know how this gonna end, but I don’t want to assume it. All I know is that this bad feeling is watching me how I harm myself. I can’t help it.

Time just keep coming. The noise outside can’t harm me anymore. I got used to it. I was so worried about the outside world and its sounds that I forgot about myself. Anger and frustration are now enjoying themselves. I put myself down just to found out what was really inside of me… to find that one feeling: all I found was myself.

A Quiet Place

You will feel the tension.

This new movie which just arrived this week to open public is straight forward to what it really wants to make you feel when you see it. A quiet place will make just up from your seat and over fear for your life, literally!

A Quiet Place – Official Trailer

Is the year 2020, Earth has a new small creature which hunt by sound. The society has decreased by these new hunters of sound. The Abbott marriage and their 3 kids face the challenge to survive while trying to not make any noise, talk, or use shoes.

Image via Paramount Pictures.

The movie as honest as its slogan is presented, “If they hear you. They hurt you.” This is simplest slogan. However, don’t make it fools you, because the A Quiet Place is much more than a quiet movie. Let me be honest for a line… THIS MOVIE IS A MOST WATCH! Now here is where the why comes; after the major failure of Emily Blunt as The Girl on the Train as her last work, watch her come back to life (and giving life to a new person) is everything but an amazing job, which needs to be recognized! She has one more major movie coming out this year, Mary Poppins Returns, and let’s hope she keeps the same great job.

A Quiet Place is acted, directed, and also co-written by the same same, John Krasinski; which is Emily’s husband in real life too, made the movie come together. The director is one of the most challenging job, but Krasinski made it all looks so easy. He co-wrote the script and story, he directed and acted in way you could see all the pieces together shining like a pure diamond. Krasinski and Blunt made this movie looks so enjoyable and painful (on the way) to watch.

Image vía Paramount Pictures.

However, the only bad thing about this movie is the sense of reality. Many things just DON’T MAKE SENSE (which is normal in horror and thriller movies), but, A Quiet Place does never give any kind of background information about the monster… aliens? Also, a pregnancy knowing that a baby a noise machine.

The movie is still playing, so I’m encouraging you to see one of the best movies of this year so far.



Run from this empty place to a place where I will find her. Since she hasn’t come for me… When would be the right time to go back to her? Where I belong.

I remember crying through the night just with her. She was the kind I like. She was as quiet as an heavy snowstorm falling from a white sky. She was as powerful as a tree waiting for spring. She was as cold as s night without starts. She was my type.

The time I spent with her was the best moment of my life. Tragic! I realized it later. But, in this moment of my life, I now need her around me. Me around this people… is just me alone with you.

Sorry I keep saying it, but this place feels lonely without her. All this people around makes me feel everything but… lonely. I need her, I need you.

Come back to me… me alone?

I never kissed her and I never hugged her. But, the fact of having her every night watching me fall sleep gave me the security to sleep until every sunrise.

She was all around me.

She was an angel.

She was mine.


Call me by your name

By Luca Guadagnino.

“I wish everyone was as sick as you.”

Call me by your name is the story on a 17 years-old, Elio Perlman. A young teenager who is living his summer in this small town part Italy during 1983. Elio who has a formal relationship with his girlfriend, Marzia, will live the moment of his life when a young doctor arrived to his parents’ house, the bright American 24-years-old, Oliver. Oliver and Elio don’t know anything about each other. Starting with distance within each other. Elio start to hate Oliver without realize what that “hate” really means.

Call me by your name – Official Trailer

Call by your name at first start slow as a normal roller coaster. But as the time starts to pass, the characters, the story, and the chemistry take place. Each character plays a important role into the story. While Elio starts to lose his comfort zone (books, music, by the center of his parents) from Oliver. “Everyone loves Olive,” Elio complains. Elio’s parents made him to open his mind to Oliver’s magic.

“Call me your name and I’ll call you by mine.”

Image by YouTube.

The movie it is well develop on its 90 percent. There where scene that really weren’t needed at all, such as the fish’s scene. However, the powerful scenes make you forget about those scene with the fancy touch Guadagnino created. While Elio explores his beautiful small town and all it hidden spots you will fall in love with this mystical setting. The music, the setting, the light sense of humor that plays with your mind, and the cast make Call me by your name a romantic and also erotic piece which will break anybody heart. Moreover, the way the director make every song match with the which scene is just mesmerizing!

As every roller coaster has his flat, up, and down… Which is the case when summer ends. Summer ends and Elio faces his reality and how hard is to carry hard-feelings. Encouraged with his mother, his now ex-girlfriend, and wise father… Elio finds out that everyone has a secret to hide. His father does. Olive do. Now he too.

Image via Sony pictures/YouTube.

Highlight scene: While Elio’s mother read and translate from Italian to English to Elio’s and his father, she encourage Elio to be more friendly with Oliver… Which on my understanding is to play the game. The worse thing may happens is that you my lose. Elio and Oliver won, but they keep playing till they lose. Take the risk.

“Because I wanted you to know.”



This whole thing could become fuck up while time passes and it gets dark. Had you felt disappointed? Disappointed about you, your life, something, or even someone? Going through life could be a wasted of time. But meeting the feeling of disappointment could become the worse feeling ever. Along with a broken heart, the disappointment feeling could chance the way you see things and they way life moves itself around. But, before all this happens… you have expectations.

A fantasy you make, expectation. Where all chances could be posible. Expectations go hand to hand with twisted dreams and day dreaming. Between expectations and the disappointment feelings life live on a spectrum (happy tears/hard feelings take place). An expectation makes yourself see no darkness nor loveless, but just the amount of self-esteem to need to reach the stars and beyond. However, a single disappointment could destroy everything and it would make you feel like it’s a ever-lasting nightmare under daylight. It would rip your heart out. Terror, horror, and a point of no return. You wanna run? Escape the melodrama, right. Pray wouldn’t make things bette. Real life will make you say, “I don’t care,” but the truth is that you, your super ego, cares but it may be too late for your ego takes part… All because you damaged your surroundings believing into something you made up to feel so happy.

The feeling of seeing everything falling apart is addictive. Expectations born everyday and disappointments are born just to kill them.

Shape of Water

“A man who washes his hands before and after use the bathroom shows signs of weakness.”

Shape of Water – Offical trailer

In this new magic propose by Guillermo del Toro, Shape of Water wants you to go really deep into a wet fairy tail. Sounds interesting because the movie is indeed catchy. Sometimes, I personally try to not let myself make expectations about movies. But, this time I went ahead with just a simple hope to watch this amazing and magical movie where from the beginning till the end del Toro keeps every detail on check.

“If we do nothing, neither are we.”

Shape of Water tells the story of a mute, Elisa Esposito (Sally Hawkins), and how she risks all for love. Before this story happens, Elisa is a loner woman who only friends are her neighbor Giles (Richard Jenkins), and her coworker Zelda (Octavia Spencer). Both Elisa and Zelda work in a high-security laboratory of the U.S. government, where many experiments take part. And when a mythical creature arrives, Elisa lets her curiosity go wild into the deep green water.

Sally Hawkins and Octavia Spencer on set. Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Two loners trying to save a god, but the god saved them. Being honest, Shape of Water looks like just another boring movie. However, Shape of Water is the most poetical movie of the year. The movie takes you into colorful time of the U.S. history: the 60s. To a time where the U.S. tried to keep everything calm while battling the Cold War.

*May Contain Spoilers*Image via Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Major things/highlights about Shape of Water are the nudity’s scenes from Elisa during the first 10 minutes of the movie, the music and the dances, the black and white scene (which at first made me feel uncomfortable) is the most random but lovely scene of the movie.

Shape of Water is a clean and very honest movie, where the main characters don’t need to speak to make this magical tail come to life. The cast has many powerful candidates for support role in the coming awards. Finally but no less important, the brilliant Michael Shannon makes a magnificent job as the “bad guy.”